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ThermaFlo Steam & High Temp Water Control Valves

The Thermaflo JVV V Ball Series Control Valve is designed for high speed 100% duty for temperature, pressure and level control applications. Specifically designed for steam, high-temperature hot water, and other rigorous control applications.

ThermaFlo Clean Steam Generators

“Cross Flow Instantaneous Design” Thermaflo Engineering THCS produces Dry Quality Clean Steam Instantly and On Demand for All Clean Steam Needs. Depend on a Tested Proven THCS System from Thermaflo Engineering Inc.

ThermaFlo Steam Fired Water Heaters

Accepts Up to 150 psig Steam Eliminating Costly PRV Stations. Complete Package Construction for Simple Pipe and Operate Installation, Fully Programmed & Set-up. 100:1 Industrial Control Valve Flow Turndown and Dead Tight Shutoff with “Soft Seat Unique Design Controls Pressure and Temperature”. Touch Screen, Modbus, Ethernet. Controls and Outputs Available.

ThermaFlo Steam Fluid Heating Systems

Saves up to 10% steam over any conventional steam heater on the market today.

Warren Controls 5800 Series

5800 Series (Electric and Pneumatic): The 5800 series is the valve Fehlinger recommends for high pressure steam applications. The equal percentage and linear plugs provide excellent modulating control of a wide variety of fluids. Situations where the 5800 excels are, but not limited to, temperatures ranging from -20F to 800F, severe service, dirty fluids, high pressure drops and corrosive fluids.

Warren Controls 1800 Series

1800 Series: The 1800 is a large globe valve available in up to 12”. It is commonly used for high pressure, high pressure differentials, corrosive materials, liquids, gases and steam.

Warren Controls 2900 Series

2900 Series (Electric and Pneumatic): The 2900 features equal percentage plugs in the 2-way valves and linear plugs in the 3-way valves provide excellent modulating control for a variety of fluids and gases. The valve is often found on steam-to-hot water semi-instantaneous hot water heaters.

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