About Fehlinger

Started in 1951 by John N Fehlinger, our business grew with the steam system of New York. We now sell, maintain, and repair steam systems and valves in a variety of venues ranging from commercial and residential buildings to industrial manufacturing facilities, hospitals and schools.

Customer Service

Since the beginning, the Fehlinger team has maintained a strong belief that our customers come first. Some things never change.

Humans at Your Service

Calling Fehlinger means a person answers the phone to help. Day or night, emergency crews are available to answer your questions or come on site to solve your problems.

Our Experience!

For any application, selecting and installing steam valves and systems requires experience and know-how. That’s where the Fehlinger team is second to none. Whether it be selecting new valves for new construction projects or installing upgrades for existing facilities, we provide customers with advice and alternatives to fit their specifications and budget.

Service, Furbish, Repair

As buildings age, infrastructure, heat, and hot water systems need preventative maintenance and repair. Thanks to our repair shop in New Jersey, we can service, refurbish or repair customer valves with a quick turnaround. If a brand new valve cannot be delivered immediately, we can rebuild your existing valves or supply you a refurbished valve from our stock with a full warranty. This service has made Fehlinger the leading valve service company in the Northeast.

Industrial Application

Buildings and city infrastructure are not the only demand for steam valves and systems. Industrial users also use these kind of valves in a variety of applications.

100,000 + Customers!

Our customers use our products in steam systems around New York City and other parts of the country. In New York City alone, over 100,000 buildings require high pressure steam and hot water valves.

Need help?

Looking to save money through preventative maintenance? Request a quote and we’ll start the process to have our technicians survey and inspect your valve system.

Air Compressor Maintenance

Comprehensive Air Compressor Repair and Preventive Maintenance