Remanufactured Actuators & Valves

Repair by exchange is when you exchange your old valve for a remanufactured valve. We then remanufacture the old valve and put it back into our inventory saving you time and money.

Remanufactured Valves & Actuators solve your pain points

Remanufactured valves are completely torn down, inspected, parts are machined as required, rebuilt, painted and tested to factory specifications. They include a full year warranty just like the factory.

You have a choice, why should you use Fehlinger over the competition?

  • Done Right/On Budget: We make sure your valve is not only remanufactured properly but that it works within your system. If there are any issues we are prompt in response, communicative and don’t charge extra for simply “Getting It Done Right”
  • Extensive valve inventory for quick turnaround
  • Standing by our product with our full factory warranty
  • Years of experience in the valves we service

Common Valve Brands Remanufactured and Serviced

  • Warren Controls
  • Fisher Controls
  • Leslie Controls
  • Spirax Sarco
  • Spence
  • Cameron Orbit Valves
  • Spirax/Graham/Leslie Blend Valves

We manufacture control valves, blend valves, globe valves, regulators, positioners, controllers, compressors and coils.

Benefits include: 50%+ savings from new, no re-piping, significantly reduced lead times, no need for new spare parts inventory and environmental responsible.

Actuator Repair

Fehlinger repairs actuators in line at your facility and in our shop. Our repair services include a full inspection of the actuator and a one year warranty – the same as the factory.

Need help?

Looking to save money through remanufactured valves or actuators? Request a quote and we’ll start the process of inspecting and rebuilding to factory specifications.

Air Compressor Maintenance

Comprehensive Air Compressor Repair and Preventive Maintenance