Watson McDaniel

Fehlinger is a representative of Watson McDaniel a precision manufacturer of steam and fluid control products. Watson’s product line spans steam traps, pumps, control valves, liquid drainers, instantaneous hot water heaters along with pipeline accessories.

Semi-instantaneous steam-to-hot water heater

The Heat Miser is a completely packaged steam-to-hot water semi-instantaneous heater using a plate & frame heat exchanger. A pneumatic or electrically actuated control valve can be used.

The Heat Miser offers significant advantages over other types of hot water generation systems.

  • Small footprint (typical floor space of 14 square feet)
  • Stainless Steel waterside components
  • Simple maintenance and reduced overall costs
  • Efficient plate & frame heat exchanger maximizes turbulent flow for instantaneous hot water on demand
  • Accurate control of outlet water temperature for many systems to +/- 2 degrees F and +/- 8 degrees F for wide and sudden load flucuations

Standard Accessories include:

  • Steam and condensate inlet Y-strainers
  • Stainless Steel Recirculation Pump
  • Over-temperature Protection – Solenoid-actuated Cold Water Injection
  • Steam Inlet Pressure Gauge
  • Stainless Steel RTD Electronic Temperature Sensor
  • Stainless Steel Waterside Piping with Safety Valve


Watson McDaniel produces the HD Regulator series for pressure reduction or temperature control in steam service applications. These valves require use of a pressure or temperature pilot which attaches to the main valve.

Specification Sheets

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