Sellers Manufacturing

Sellers Manufacturing is a boiler and heat transfer company based in Danville, Kentucky. Sellers’ boilers are known for their unique one-pass system that is highly efficient and superior to conventional fire tub boilers in situations where a rapid response is needed.

S Series Boiler

S-Series Modulating Rapid Response Boiler

  • <20 Mins to Steam! (50°F Water)
  • 40 TO 800 HP
  • 15 to 300 PSI Steam
  • 150 PSI Hot Water
  • High Temp Hot Water ASME Sec 1.
  • Up to 5:1 Turndown
  • 30 PPM Low Nox Option

See below that there are several further advantages to the S series Boiler!

S Series - Radiant Heating Surface

Sellers Immersion Boiler Utilizes 50% of the heating surface is Primary.

Multiple Pass Boiler Utilizes 5% to 14% of the heating surface is Primary.


S-Series - Total Boiler Efficiency

  • No Thermal Shock = Under 20 Minute Steam or Hot Water = Rapid Response + Energy Savings
  • Turn boilers off for an extended time, between shifts, weekends, demands, yet be ready in under 20 minutes.
  • No need to keep boilers running or modulating at low fire for prolong periods wasting fuel. Eliminates the need for a “hot standby boiler”.
  • Faster response to load demands provides closer tolerances for process steam pressures.

S Series - Thermal Stress Points

Here are the different temperatures on the rear tube sheet of the 3 pass. This stresses the tubesheet. Tubes in the 2nd pass around the furnace and below the 3rd pass are usually the ones to fail first. Also, note the high furnace temp.


H Series Chemical Free Steam Rapid Response Boiler

  • <20 Mins to Steam! (50°F Water)
  • 10 to 300 HP
  • 15 Steam
  • On-Off Firing with PLSC
  • 30 PPM Low Nox Option
  • Copper Clad Tubes
  • Epoxy Phenolic Lined Shell
  • Direct Feed City Water
  • No Deaerator or Chemical Treatment required.
  • Fully equipped with Automatic Blowdown and Solenoid Feed water Valve
  • 5 Year Warranty

TP Series Two Pass Boiler

  • The Ultimate Space Saving design
  • 20 to 125 HP
  • 15 to 300 PSI Steam
  • 150 PSI Hot Water
  • High Temp Hot Water ASME Sec 1.
  • Domestic Water Heating
  • On-Off Firing with Programmable Logic Staging Control
  • Low NOx to <20 PPM
  • 5-Year Warranty

Semi-Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

Sellers’ Manufacturing Quick Heat Series.

  • Industrial grade Semi-Instantaneous water heater with no storage.
  • Recovery Flow Rates from 5 to 300 GPM
  • Vertical & Horizontal Orientation
  • Inlet Steam pressures from 5 to 150 PSI

Quick Heat Function

Steam is introduced to the outside of the tube bundle allowing for better temp control and reduced hammering.

BT Series Water Heaters

  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Emersion Fired
  • 800,000 to 20,000,000 BTU
  • 250 to 2800 Gallons
  • Copper Clad Tubes
  • Epoxy Phenolic Lining
  • On-Off Firing
  • Condensing Economizer Options

Deaerator Tanks

What is a deaerator?
A system to preheat boiler feed water and drive off free oxygen, carbon dioxide and other non-condensable gases.

Consists of:

  • Storage Tank
  • Heating Apparatus
  • Feed Pump(s)
  • Water Level Controls

Longer Equipment Life

Deaeration reduces oxygen and carbon dioxide corrosion in the boiler and associated piping. Using preheated feed water reduces the chance of thermal shock caused by the expansion and contraction of heating surfaces.

Lower Operating Cost

Mechanical deaeration provides a fixed method of eliminating oxygen. The only other method is to inject high volumes of expensive oxygen scavenging chemicals into the boiler feed water supply.

How does a Deaerator work?

A deaerator is a fairly simple machine. There are 4 facets to basic deaerator design:

  • Raise the water above the temperature where oxygen is at the 0 saturation point, in other words, where the water no longer wants to contain dissolved oxygen.
  • Agitate the water to overcome surface tension or atomize the water to the smallest possible droplets to minimize surface area (remember the discussion of a thin film with the movie)
  • Allow the water to remain agitated or atomized long enough to let the gases escape
  • Vent the gases from the system, while recovering as much of the water as possible.

RS Boiler Feed System

  • 33 to 1264 Gallons
  • Atmospheric Returns
  • Condensate Collection
  • No Pre-Heating
  • Epoxy Lined

Optional Boiler Feed Equipment

  • Jacket and Insulation
  • Pre-piped Discharge Piping Manifold
  • Standby Pumps
  • Pump Fused Disconnects
  • Pump Failure Alarm Circuit
  • Level Controls
  • Seismic Stand with Certification
  • Extended Tank Warranties
  • 304 Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
  • HMI Touchscreen Control Panels

Advanced Boiler Feed Control Panel Options

  • Touchscreen HMI Interface
  • Customized control of Pump and Level Sequences
  • Plug and Play Communication via Bacnet, Lonworks & Modbus
  • Annunciation of all Alarm & Service Conditions

Air Compressor Maintenance

Comprehensive Air Compressor Repair and Preventive Maintenance