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We supply entire systems and handle the entire process in house from CAD drawings to start-up.

Fehlinger is well-known for its expertise in packaged systems.

Fehlinger provides systems with digital or pneumatic controls. Steam PRV stations are used extensively to control high pressure steam in facilities that require low, medium and higher pressure steam. Facilities include buildings connected to the ConEd Steam System in Manhattan, hospitals, universities, correctional facilities, power plants, combined heat & power (“CHP”), food & beverage, pulp & paper and other industrial uses with digital or pneumatic controls.

Low Pressure

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Fehlinger has been instrumental in the development and evolution of steam stations particularly in New York Metro area. Today, we continue our technical leadership with digital controls as well as pneumatic and a focus of being the most knowledgeable about applications

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Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer is the process of using a gas or fluid to transfer heat to another gas or fluid. In practice this is a heat exchanger that may be taking water or steam and transferring the heat content to another fluid. Often the heat exchanger will have an additive such as glycol to lower the freezing temperature of the fluid.

Packaged Skids

Fehlinger fabricates skidded domestic hot water heater skids. These skids incorporate “helix” style domestic hot water heaters specifically Graham’s Micromix, Spirax’s RediHeat and Leslie Constantemp products. These skids can slide into tight spaces and eliminate the need for water tanks or an increased foot print. These attributes can prevent legionella in hospitals.

Additionally, we provide the entire system for Spirax’s EasiHeat Plate & Frame semi-instantaneous heater. Plate & Frame heat exchangers are up to 5x more efficient than the shell & tube equivalent and use significantly less space.

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