Steam Specialties & Heat Transfer Services and Repairs

Our highly skilled service technicians will come to your location in the Tri-State area and assess any potential problems and provide solutions for maintenance or repair work on steam prv stations, valves & actuation, heat transfer, hot & chilled water and process controls.

Fehlinger has been servicing engineered equipment for over 70 years.

Regular service of control valves, actuators, pilot valves, positioners and steam PRV systems is important to save money, avoid downtime and maintain HVAC and industrial steam and fluid processes.

Emergencies are very expense for facilities. You have to call contractors, service providers and other constituents in unexpectedly. Not to mention you can lose revenue in an industrial facility, lose critical systems in a hospital or impact your customers business in a commercial building.

Field Service allows you to repair & service equipment in-line. This saves you time and a significant amount of money and hassle if you are required to remove the valve from the piping.

We are available 24/7/365. We service a wide region including New York City Metro Area, New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and the Philadelphia Area.

Services Provided

Brands Serviced

Call us for other valve brands and isolation valves.

Preventative Maintenance

Fehlinger offers preventative maintenance services which we call the “Survey & Inspect”. The Survey & Inspect maintenance program is not a “look over”. It is a comprehensive multi-hour process. We analyze all facets of your system. This includes control valves, relevant isolation valves, controls, regulators, compressors and pneumatic or electronic processes. Do you have to wait until the steam, high temperature hot water or other medium is running at higher pressures? No, our field service staff can conduct a survey & inspect anytime.

Capital equipment is long-lived, why undertake preventative maintenance?

  • Reliability is an ultimate concern. Having your key systems go down is not an option
  • Equipment lasts longer when properly maintained. Save money on full-cycle costs
  • Avoid emergency calls and added expense
  • Safety
  • People may not pat your on the back when your system is running but they will certainly may be very upset when it is down

Remanufactured Actuators & Valves

Remanufactured Valves & Actuators solve your pain points. Remanufactured valves are completely torn down, inspected, parts are machined as required, rebuilt, painted and tested to factory specifications. They include a full year warranty just like the factory.
You have a choice, why should you use Fehlinger over the competition?
  • Done Right/On Budget: We make sure your valve is not only remanufactured properly but that it works within your system. If there are any issues we are prompt in response, communicative and don’t charge for simply “Getting It Done Right”
  • Extensive valve inventory for quick turnaround
  • Standing by our product with our full factory warranty
  • Years of experience in the valves we service

Valve Brands Serviced

Repair by Exchange

Repair by Exchange, which is our “Turnaround” program, offers you immediate access to remanufactured valves at our best prices. Repair by exchange is when you exchange your old valve for a remanufactured one. We then remanufacture the old valve and put it back into our inventory. Alternatively, many customers like to use the remanufactured old valve for a spare. We have many remanufactured actuators, valves, pilots, blend valves and controllers in stock. We can immediately provide the remanufactured product to keep you up and running.

Trim Replacement

When you open up a control valve you never know what you’ll find. There could be issues with the seat, plug, cage, the valve body or something else. Fehlinger remanufactures valve trim which allows us to replace trim in the field.
What we provide:
  • Remanufactured trim to factory specifications with a full warranty
  • Service the valve inline – saves time and labor
  • Buy trim if needed

Semi-Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

Semi-instantaneous hot water heaters essentially use a heat exchanger instead of a holding tank. The heat exchanger rapidly heats the water so that there is no need to store it.


There are several advantages of semi-instantaneous hot water heaters:

  • Lower footprint frees up space for other uses
  • Helps to mitigate issues with viruses and bacteria that may form over time in a tank
  • Immediacy and consistency of water

The heaters can use different heat exchangers such a plate & frame heat exchanger, shell & tube and a helix-type which looks like a coil. Shell & tube style heat exchangers have historical been used in the NY Metro area commercial building and healthcare markets. However, there are some advantages to other types.


The plate & frame semi-instantaneous hot water heater is significantly more efficient than the shell & tube. It is up to 5x more efficient due to the plate surface area and are much smaller than a shell & tube with the same capabilities.


Fehlinger carries Spirax Sarco’s Easiheat plate & frame semi-instantaneous hot water heater. We can repair the controls and temperature regulator on the skid package and work with one our partners if the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned or more plates inserted.

Helix Style / Coil Semi-instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

Leslie Controls and Graham Corporation both sell a “helix” type hot water heater. The Leslie is referred to the Constantemp and the Graham’s is called the Rediheat as sold through Spirax.

Fehlinger keeps in stock heat exchanger coils and blend valves. We can immediately repair your Graham or Leslie Control semi-instantaneous water heaters.

Advantages include:

  • Small footprint of less than 6 square feet
  • Relatively easy installation – slide the skid in
  • Self-contained
  • Accuracy +/- 4 degree

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Do you have problems maintaining temperature or encounter temperature fluctuations you cannot control? Guess us a call or send a request.

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