Trim Replacement & Valve Trim Repair

Solving your technical, application & equipment needs in steam specialties and process controls through trim replacement, the first time and in the right way.

Replace trim in the field

When you open up a control valve you never know what you’ll find. There could be issues with the seat, plug, cage, the valve body or something else. Fehlinger remanufactures valve trim which allows us to replace trim in the field.

What we provide:

  • Remanufactured trim to factory specifications with a full warranty
  • Service the valve inline – saves time and labor
  • Buy trim if needed

Valve Trim Repair: The internal parts of a valve can wear out over time especially if the valve is not sized right for the current application. Fehlinger machines valve trim to tight specifications, tests it and keeps an extensive stock for immediate repairs.

Need help?

Looking to save money through trim replacement or valve trim repair? Request a quote and we’ll start the process to service your valve inline or remanufacture to factory specifications.

Air Compressor Maintenance

Comprehensive Air Compressor Repair and Preventive Maintenance