Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco is one of the largest dedicated steam specialties businesses in the world. The leading supplier of steam traps, heat transfer, pumps and valves. Fehlinger is a manufacturer’s representative for Spirax in the Tri-State area.

RediHeat Semi-Instantaneous Hot Water Heater

The RediHeat is a helix style semi-instantaneous hot water heater. The heater has a small footprint and is especially useful in situations where floor space is limited. The heater comes in 30 GPM, 60 GPM, 90 GPM and 120 GPM flow rates.

We often see these heaters in commercial buildings, prisons, large campuses, food & beverage companies and hospitals.

Fehlinger sells, skids and services this equipment.

Fehlinger skids the RediHeat water heater so it can slide in to a spot and then be hooked up.

We service RediHeat products including remanufacturing blend valves, replacement coils or other equipment. This includes our blend valve repair-by-exchange (referred to as turnaround). We keep remanufactured blend valves in stock and can provide you with a valve and take back your old valve.

A significant benefit of this style water heater is up to 40% energy savings vs. a hot water tank. The heat exchanger is only drawing power when it is producing water.


  • Small footprint – no more than 6.5 square feet
  • Up to 40% energy efficiency savings vs. a hot water tank
  • Self-cleaning and elimination of certain bacterial risk (no standing water)
  • Fehlinger field service for the unit including replacement coils and blend valves

Clean Steam Generator

Clean steam generators are critical in pharma, hospitals, food & beverage and other sectors where reducing the risk of contamination is mission critical. The units come mounted on a stainless steel skid with a clean steam generation rate of between 154 to 12,125 lb/hr. The CSG operates using plant steam as the primary heating medium.


  • Compact design
  • Intelligent PLC
  • System diagnostics and predictive maintenance

Steam Traps

Spirax is the leading manufacturer of steam traps worldwide and has a wide array of
mechanical, thermodynamic and thermostatic traps. Many traps are available for quick shipment.

Fehlinger performs steam trap surveys to leading end users. Faulty steam traps are a prime source of energy inefficiency. Removing or repairing faulty traps can reduce energy usage significantly. Furthermore, excess condensate in a system can create water hammer and other system issues that reduce the life of valuable equipment.

Specification Sheets

We know that you need specification sheets for customers, consulting engineers and their own purposes. Please visit our specification library for more information.

Air Compressor Maintenance

Comprehensive Air Compressor Repair and Preventive Maintenance