Technical Application and Service Across a Variety of Industries & Users

We are troubleshooting process control application and service issues in industries such as Commercial Buildings, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Education, Correctional Facilities, Power Companies, and CHP in wastewater for mechanical contractors, plumbers and end-users.

Commercial Buildings

Fehlinger has been serving the commercial building sector since its inception. Fehlinger was founded to provided high-pressure steam expertise to customers on the ConEd steam grid and we are still considered the foremost firm in this area. Commercial Building owners, engineers and staff faced many challenges, even pre-COVID, such as increasing efficiency requirements, older equipment and in many cases reduced staff.
Fehlinger strives to solve all of your pain points:
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency and scheduled service
  • Repair parts in stock for quick turnaround times
  • Saving you money and time with remanufactured actuators, valves, controllers and other equipment
  • Equipment selection

Mechanical Contractors

Fehlinger is dedicated to serving the mechanical contractor community. We are there for you throughout the entire process from selection and specification, budget pricing, project pricing, working with consulting engineers and start-up. Fehlinger is widely known to be the most knowledgeable company for steam specialties and heat transfer. We often suggest changes to designs to save you money and have your system run smoothly.

We supply entire systems. These days you do not have time to deal with multiple vendors. Fehlinger allows you to deal with one party – from start to finish. We fabricate our own control panels, test them and make sure they are working perfectly to operate your steam system.

Many contractors have HVAC facilities management contractors or are the first call when there is a mechanical failure. You have to maintain the HVAC system to peak performance. Waking up to a call of no heat or air conditioning is a nightmare for any maintenance provider. Many times, an HVAC issue derives from a control valve, controller or instruments issue. Have Fehlinger help you get out a jam. Many contractors call on Fehlinger to outsource the steam, controller and control valve maintenance.


Fehlinger has a long history working with plumbing companies. We help plumbers navigate construction projects as well as maintenance contracts. More specifically, we provide value-added services for semi-instantaneous hot water heaters. We sell, service and provide parts for “helix” style water heaters such as Graham’s Micromix and Leslie Controls Constantemp lines. We stock remanufactured blending valves and coil kits for these products.

We provide coil kits and tube bundles and can repair and remanufacture control valves for shell & tube style semi-instantaneous hot water heaters. These include brands such as PK and PVI. Additionally, Warren Controls 2900 series valves are often used as the control valves for these applications. As the exclusive manufacturer’s representative for New York City, Westchester and Albany and an authorized reseller in New Jersey we are best placed to sell new or remanufactured control valves for these type of heaters.

Lastly, we sell and service Spirax’s “EZ-Heat” plate & frame semi-instantaneous hot water heaters. We have successfully provide turnkey installation for these complex heaters. Furthermore, they use control valves in critical process control applications.

Correctional Facilities

Fehlinger has worked with correctional facilities extensively. We know that you have unique issues-including older equipment, tight budgets and perhaps reduced staff. We are here to help.

Especially due to COVID prisons are facing significant challenges. As an engineer for prisons, Fehlinger recognizes that you are working on critical applications that are instrumental to the health of the prison population and employees on a very tight budget.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage plants are extensive users of steam, heat transfer and process controls. From breweries, distilleries, bakeries, packaged goods, beverages and other providers steam is used to cook, boil, or heat products as well as disinfect equipment. Process controls are required to make sure a 24/7 plant runs efficiently and without downtime.

Fehlinger focuses on providing reliable solutions on a cost-effective basis. We have worked with end users and contractors to provide valves & actuation and heat transfer products that are mission critical.

Additionally, clean steam generators and steam trap surveys to help keep your plant safe & energy efficient.


Healthcare is a major focus of Fehlinger. We serve every major hospital in Manhattan and many in the Greater New York Area up through the Hudson Valley. Hospitals rely on us for everything from emergency steam PRV, valve and semi-instantaneous hot water repair to full steam PRV systems and packaged skids.

We have maintenance contractors with hospitals to ensure safe, reliable systems in an industry that can not afford to be offline. We are here when it matters having served our hospital clients through Covid.
Further, the pharma sector is widespread in the area particularly in New Jersey. Many of these facilities require Fehlinger products for the applications relating to co-generation systems, HVAC, sterilization and clean steam.

More than merely offering equipment and services, we work with you to tailor specific engineered products that fit your needs.

Power Companies

Power companies are the largest users of valves and actuation and Fehlinger is here for you. Fehlinger provides products for the large HVAC systems in plants and much of the processes that are not severe service (i.e. pressures below 300psi).

Colleges & Universities

Engineers and maintenance people at colleges and universities have a tremendous breadth of equipment and potential issues in their day-to-day responsibilities. The central plant, various building and capital projects are all competing for limited time and resources.

You want a service provider that can work with you across the board. Many colleges & universities use high temperature hot water (“HTHW”) systems vs. high-pressure pressure steam systems. Though serving the same purpose both systems have unique complexes such as the means to use the heat source, equipment that can withstand water and water-to-water equipment vs. steam-to-water equipment.

Water & Wastewater

Many water & wastewater facilities have combined heat & power (“CHP”) systems and/or require process control equipment such as valves, pumps and steam traps that Fehlinger supplies.
We focus on where we can add value beyond our competitors:
  • Steam Traps
  • Condensate Pumps
  • Gauge Glass
  • Butterfly valves
  • Lubricated plug valves
  • Eccentric plug valves

Need help?

We’re solving your technical, application & equipment needs in steam specialties, valves & actuation, heat transfer, hot & chilled water and process controls on time, the first time and in the right way.
Commercial Building Case Study

Thanksgiving Dinner with a Remanufactured 8" Leslie Valve

It was the week of Thanksgiving with a wintry mix in the forecast. Usually, this is a slow time of year. However, a Fortune 500 company had a major issue with a large valve in their central plant. The campus has numerous buildings and is the world headquarters. Heat and hot water issues were not an option.


The customer faced a challenging situation – how can I get an 8” control value with a lead time measured in months a couple of days before Thanksgiving. The answer is to call Fehlinger. We had a remanufactured 8” Leslie Valve in stock. We were able to work with the customer to confirm the valve fit the application and piping size, deliver it and make sure it worked properly before Thanksgiving.


We were able to have the valve up and running on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and a significant savings to the alternative. The plant manager not only saved the day for the company but was able to have Thanksgiving without worry.

Corrections Facility Case Study

Mechanical Contractor needs a Blend Valve in the Middle of The Night

Corrections Facilities do not have any downtime. As such, the mechanical contractor had to work at night to fix a semi-instanteous hot water heater. Trouble hits in the form of a need for a blend valve in the middle of the night.


When they reached out to Fehlinger the answer was not “it has to wait until morning” but “where do we meet”. The mechanical contractor got the blend valve which allowed them to continue their mission-critical work, avoid rescheduling and saved further labor time at increased rates.

Colleges & University Case Study

SUNY System HTHW Valve

The SUNY Systems central plants are based on HTHW loops. One particular campus was looking for a valve to prevent leakage and better control the flow of HTHW into heat exchangers. The Fehlinger Sales Engineer in charge of the account worked with the university’s chief engineer and his time to select a valve that was properly sized for the pressure drop, had the proper internal seat material and controllability to handle the job.


The valve has been successful in the application. The university standardized on this valve for this application and it is now specified as the HTHW of choice by many consulting engineers in for capital projects throughout the SUNY System.

Air Compressor Maintenance

Comprehensive Air Compressor Repair and Preventive Maintenance