Steam PRV Systems

Fehlinger provides systems with digital or pneumatic controls. Steam PRV stations are used extensively to control high pressure steam in facilities that require low, medium and higher pressure steam.

Fehlinger has been a leader in steam PRVs since our inception in 1951

Fehlinger has been a leader in steam PRV design, sales and service since our inception in 1951. Fehlinger strongly believes in supporting our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the system. We work with consulting engineering and contractors to help design the system, fabricate control panels in our New Jersey facility, start-up the system, make sure it is running smoothly and provide aftermarket service. We often troubleshoot and fix other providers systems when their technical support falls short.

We offer fully pneumatic, electro-pneumatic PRV stations. There are plusses and minuses for each type of system depending on application, size and mission critical nature. Fehlinger has a complete offering of digital controls for systems that are not fully pneumatic.

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